Freedom Through Dance (Ballet) is a RAD registered school based in Bath.
We offer high quality of teaching in Classical Ballet for children age 3 to adults.

Classical Ballet Training is available from our qualified Royal Academy of Dance Teachers.
The foundation of an all round dance training, ballet is a fun and challenging dance genre which
teaches the dancer the technical and movement skills essential for a comprehensive understanding of dance.


Pre school (Age 3 - 4)

Children follow the RAD pre school dance curriculum. The emphasis here is on learning through imaginative movement adventures and focuses on children’s natural movement and development. Boys and girls of this age thrive as they travel to the‘ Magic Castle’ sail off to ‘Treasure Island’ or explore the world of ‘Peter Pan’.

Age 5+

Graded classes where the emphasis is not just on fun, but, on the development of movement skills, confidence, fitness and self-esteem. Class length varies with age and standard.

Vocational Training

The Vocational Training Scheme at Freedom Through Dance offers suitable students a more in depth-study of dance, helping to prepare for a future dance, or dance related career. Examinations at vocational level are required to apply for further dance education at diploma and degree level. Entry into the vocational schemes is by invitation only.


This class combines low impact ballet training with body conditioning to improve the line, strengthen and sculpt the body. Suitable for all abilities and ages. more...


Freedom Through Dance offers examinations at graded and vocational levels in association with R.A.D.. All students have the option of taking examinations and all classes incorporate both syllabus and free work, developing a wide and sound subject base. All examinations are accredited by the QCA, from NVQ level1 to level 4.